4 Dimension
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The 4 dimension Perspective: 10-12  Apex Reservoir > 21 Bio-sensors at 7 Dimension.
Biologic Systems=Extra Sensory Perception. Sensors: feel/sense >< transmit thought.

1)  Vision Speed Of Light, peripheral short conscious long term subconscious memory.

2)  Auditory/Hear Speed Of Sound, Composition/Compute Vocalization DNA Linguistic.
3)  Vocalization Complete Train Of Thought DNA Language Subconscious Nerve Cell Data
     Parallel 3-37 Dimensions, Bio-sensors;  Dream, Imagination, Theory To Proven Data.
4)  Motion Beyond Pantomime/Sign Language Applications. ESP Radar Magic Life force &
5)  Touch Sensor Feel Think Provision, Magic Life Force Secretion Eclipse Touch Healing.
6)  Emotional Want=Need ESP  7) Taste 8) Smell 9) Intuition 10) Reservoir Bio-sensors.
10<11) Biological Reservoir  Apex 10-12 to 21 Biologic Sensors At 7 Dimension.
Color Rendition: Creation,Energy White Yellow Green Orange Red. /Reserve BRAIN/RedPink
11) Hydrogliphics/7D Hydroglyphics = Blood system. (Arterial Red/Vein Pink) Augment #12
12) Electrical Magnetic System 7 Watts. (NervousSystemLameDefinition).Parallel GCInt.org
reference super nature land sea air space beyond weather to manage biosensors reciprocal:
13) Adrenal Electron Magnetic System/Endocrine System Via 21 Biosensors parallel quest...
14) Oxidation System/Respiratory System Addition Photosynthesis Via 21 Biosensors Parallel.
15) Defense Revival System/immune System. Apex Diffusion 23X 23Y & E.M.S. Z Chromosone 
16) Skin/Intergumentary System E.M.S. Reciprocal Accordian > Hydroglyphics Beyond Skeletal
17) Muscle System 400+ Muscles Versatile Motion Biosensor Extraordinary Via 21 Biosensors
18) Skeletal System Square > Circle Triangle Parallel Heart Organ Synchronization<Visionary
19) Digestion System > Taste & 21 Biosensor Energy Reservoir Replica Advanced Civilizations
20) Sexual Reproductive System 23X 23Y E.M.S. Z Chromosone     "           "             "
21) Gastro-Intestinal Excretionary System  Closed Circuit 21 Biosensors Beyond Detoxificagtion